Made in Pakistan

Made in Pakistan Chikoo recently initiated “Made in Pakistan” for Localshops.

Chikoo recently initiated a “Made in Pakistan” campaign aimed at highlighting various local brands. In light of the recent ban on imported products, Chikoo wanted to help promote the locally produced substitutes in various categories. The objective of the campaign was to let people know of the abundance of locally produced quality material which is as good as any imported good.

Made in Pakistan offers an interesting insight into the statistics of annually imported products. It is rather appalling to see that Pakistan is already producing all the products internally with international standards and remarkable quality however it is unfortunate that Pakistan imported PKR 8,982,442 million (provisional) during 2020-2021 and showed an increase of 27.78% than the corresponding period of last year. Pakistan possesses the capability of manufacturing goods in all the categories banned, the market has a great potential to grow and proliferate. From raw materials to dairy goods, or even competing with the international market of sauces, chocolates, and pet food, Pakistan has the potential to overcome inflation and stabilize the economy with local manufacturing.  

The campaign features various brands that have their websites powered by Chikoo, such as, “The Vittles Company” which makes delicious cream cheese from fresh dairy; Petables offers homemade pet food with the most nutritious ingredients; Appie Farm is a meat and dairy farm which produces local fresh meat and dairy solutions with no preservatives; Saydys is a brand offering a variety of delicious gelatos and sorbets and PJs Jars is an amazing substitute for sauces offering a diverse range of condiments and achars with rich traditional flavors.

Chikoo provides a great platform to all businesses out there who wish to sell their products online. You can now create your free website and grow your business. This serves as a great opportunity to not only become an entrepreneur but to help your community and support the economy.
By supporting these local brands you are helping the economy grow. It is pertinent to let the local market thrive at its full potential, independent businesses often generate more tax revenue. This means a greater percentage of local businesses helps to keep your taxes lower, as compared to big stores, brands, or international chains while stimulating innovation and competition locally. SMEs offer better and personalized customer service and play a big role in product diversity. When it comes to choosing local goods it means helping your community, whether it’s aiding the economy or building a better world for future generations, small businesses are here for you. But first, they need a little support from you.

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