Importance of order tracking

Running a small business usually requires effort in keeping track of your orders.

Importance of order tracking

Running a small business usually requires effort in keeping track of your orders. Providing a good ecommerce customer experience is very important in strengthening the success rate of any business operating online. It creates brand loyalty and helps businesses retain their customers.

One of the factors that strengthens the ecommerce success is an online order tracking system. The online order tracking system is the reason that customers have gained faith in online shopping. The tracking dashboard gives them real-time insight of their order assuring them the delivery time.

The online tracking system comes with multiple features, so the seller must implement it correctly. Here is all about ecommerce order tracking a seller should know about.

Importance of Order Tracking in Ecommerce

While an online purchase is made, there are few important features that the seller should know about. Real-time tracking, tracking updates and estimated delivery date are features that are tracked by using the order tracking system. Users can get the status of their order from the time the product is packed until it reaches them. Order tracking is active at the point the customer places an order.

Stages of Order Tracking

The package, until delivered, goes through multiple stages before it is actually received by the customer. Let’s talk about each stage in detail.

01. Order Placed

Once the order has been placed, usually an automated tracking ID is generated and assigned to the seller and customers. The tracking ID is a specific code assigned for each delivery package which allows the customer and seller to track their packages at any given point in time. The tracking ID also informs the status of the parcel to be delivered.

02. Manifested

This stage basically tells the customers that the package has been scanned and is ready to ship. A manifest is a shipping summary that is made up of one of more shipping consignments. Once an order has been manifested, it means that the courier company is now handling the package.

03. Picked up

In this stage, the package that has to be delivered is ready for transportation. The product has been scanned through the courier partner.

04. In-transit

The in-transit stage of order tracking comprises that the package to be delivered is on the way to the final destination. The package moves through various hubs before it reaches the final destination. The seller or customer can track where the package has reached during the in-transit stage.

05. Out for delivery

Once the order has reached its final destination, it is picked up by the delivery boy. The tracking status also changes automatically to ‘out for delivery’.

06. Delivered

Once the order has been delivered to the customer, the status in the order tracking system changes to delivered.

Better Ecommerce Efficiency

Using an ecommerce online order tracking system, both the sellers and customers can keep track of orders. Both parties can get tracking updates on the following points.

- Check pickup and shipment times of the order
- Confirmation about the product in warehouse
- Location tracking of product at any time
- Know the date of delivery beforehand

Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is the utmost priority of any ecommerce business. By providing an online tracking system to the customers, the sellers give them the authority to keep a check on their parcel. The customers do not need to call the seller for an update again and again, hence it becomes easier for both the parties. The real time tracking system gives customers the assurance that their expectations are met. With satisfactory experience, customers are most likely to give good reviews and also recommend others to use the service.

How to Include Order Tracking in Ecommerce?

The online tracking page is a web-hosted platform to help users track the orders placed online in real-time. While including a tracking page in ecommerce keeps track of orders in real time, there are ways to optimize the tracking process to enhance the overall experience.

- Use relevant lines in the tracking mail. The subject line in the mail must redirect users to the order tracking page.
- Insert customer specific details like product purchase image
- To enhance the experience of the customer, use the customer's name for personalized experience.